Residential Solar

The residential solar power systems been helped Australian families save thousands of dollars each year during times of constantly rising electricity costs(Most recently gone up for 20-50%). Our high-performance residential solar power packages will reduce or eliminate your electricity bill and help you keep more of your hard-earned money where it belongs! An average household saves over $2150 in electricity ever year after installing a solar system.

At Solar Sight, we offer the best prices for residential solar package in Western Australia without compromising on quality.

As your one stop solar provider, we handle all of the documents and applications on your behalf and only the best quality solar PV system will be installed by our extremely knowledgeable and experienced CEC electricians.

Have no idea what size solar system to get?  Our design consultants will help you to understand your power consumption and usage better and provide you with the best solution, making sure you have an in-depth understanding of what you can expect the system to produce on an average day. Feel free to contact our design consultants at (08)6153 0665


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