Why there are different prices on same panels and inverter packages?

When you find one quote ridiculously lower than most of others(same panel and inverter), you may need to think about it “WHY?” Company can easily reduce the cost by cutting important corners. You may find poor quality equipment(Kits and gears) and/or poor installation work in the end. Quality equipment and installation isn’t cheap and, like Read more about Why there are different prices on same panels and inverter packages?[…]

Solar incentives–02

FEED-IN TARIFF (FIT)FOR GRID-CONNECTED SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS A solar feed-in tariff is a rate paid for electricity fed back into the electricity grid from a designated renewable electricity generation source such as a rooftop solar panel system or wind turbine. At present, feed-in tariff regulations for renewable energy exist within Australia and they are widely considered one of the most effective Read more about Solar incentives–02[…]

Solar incentives–01

    There are two main incentives that can help pay off solar PV systems: small-scale technology certificates (STCs) and feed-in tariffs (FiTs). Small-scale technology certificates (STCs) Under the federal government’s Solar Credits Scheme, eligible households receive money for STCs created by their PV systems. STCs were formerly known as renewable energy certificates or RECs. Read more about Solar incentives–01[…]

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